Beatbox Flute

"Box" for Beatbox Flute by Christopher Kuhns
Inspector Gadget Remix by Greg Pattillo

Hotel Crazyness by Greg Pattillo

Sunday Riffin by Greg Pattillo

A Lecture Recital on Beatbox Flute: Discussing its history, notation and performance.
Performed Pieces include: Greg Patillo's Inspector Gadget Remix, Four Beatbox Flute Etudes, and Selections from Three beats for Beatbox Flute. Plus my own arrangement of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal for Beatbox Flute Choir.

"Traditional" Flute

2018 Florida Flute Association "Flutes & Friends" Concert

Georges Hüe (1858-1948)
Fantaisie pour flute et piano

Christopher Kuhns, Flute
Allison Brewster Franzetti, Piano

Marcos Granados (b. 1961)
Two Venezuelan Etudes for Solo Flute (2007)
                I. "La Bella y"
George Crumb (b.1929)
An Idyll For The Misbegotten (1985)

Jamie Whitmarsh, Tommy Dobbs, and Benjamin Fraley Percussion
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Concerto in G major K. 313
            I. Allegro maestoso

Yu Chin Chein, Piano
Philippe Gaubert (1879 - 1941)
Sonatine (1937)
            Allegretto, tres allant, avec simplicite et fraicheur
            Hommage a Schumann: Andante quasi adagio

Deloise Lima, Piano
FNMC presents: French Quarter by Nicole Chamberlain
                I. Bourbon Street
                II. Beignets
                III. Preservation Hall
                IV. St. Louis Cemetery

Elizabeth Robinson, flute and piccolo
Chris Kuhns, flute
Shelley Martinson, alto flute
Karen McLaughlin Large, bass flute

Baroque Flute

Jacques - Martin Hotteterre (1674-1763)
Suite In Eminor, Op. 2, No. 5
             Allemande La Chauvet
             La Messinoise
             Rondeau Le Lutin
             Gigue La Perousine

Shalev Ad El, Harpsichord
Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Fantasy In D Major, TWV 40 - 8
                Alla Francese

Arrangement Performances

2011 Florida State Prism Performance of my arrangement of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal for Beatbox Flute Choir .
2016 National Flute Association Collegiate Flute Choir performance of my arrangement of Saint-Saens Bacchanale for beatbox flute choir.
The very talented North Pittsburgh Youth Flute Ensemble performing my arrangement of Saint-Saens Bacchanale for beatbox flute choir at the state 2017 Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Convention
Premier performance Saint-Saens Bacchanale for beatbox flute choir by the combined Florida State and University of Florida Flute Choirs.
If you would like me to feature a recording of your ensemble  performing one of my arrangements please let me know!

Music Theory Class Lectures

Mock Class lecture on chromatic sequences for Music Theory Pedagogy II
Mock Class lecture on Transpositions and Inversions of Pitch Class Sets for Music Theory Pedagogy II